Monday, January 31, 2011

January ~ My Month With Nirvana

Wow, that went really, really fast but at the same time I feel like I've learned so much and have been listening to these guys all my life. Now when I started this endeavour it was with a few questions such as could Kurt Cobain be compared to John Lennon in his influence as the voice of a generation and also was his death as tragic a loss for popular culture as the death of Elvis. I had no idea of Nirvana and was kind of confused to their status as rebel leaders. Now that I am more educated I do get it. While I really liked the music which fit perfectly with my punk rock tastes the true measure of Nirvana came to me after listening to interviews with these guys. I was really able to get a feel for Kurt's charisma and the overall appeal of the band as just regular guys. They had opinions on things that echoed my own thoughts, they were emotional approachable, they wore torn jeans like me, were pissed off by politics like me and despite being rock stars and eligible for epic levels of dysfunction they were fucked up just like me too!!! In strong opposition to the lofty demi god Rock Stars that burn and gyrate above the masses as leather clad icons Nirvana was down in the metaphorical mosh pit with the rest of us. That alone set them apart from thier peers and gave them street cred to go along with their commercial success. Do I think Kurt is comparable with John Lennon? No, not really. John Lennon was a political activist/poet who spoke eloquently for peace and social change. His fans followed him as a guide on a political/spiritual path they were learning from him so they could all change the world together. Kurt didn't want acolytes and he hated the world and him self too much to really believe he could change anything. No Kurt wasn't like John Lennon but his social impact may have been just as great. While he didn't offer a path to enlightenment he did offer something even more precious; the simple that that every last one of us is fucked up in some way but that doesn't mean that we're worthless, useless or will go through life not being heard.
 As to his death being compared to Elvis..well, if I recall correctly the King died on the can with a bellyfull of qualudes and bacon and banana sandwiches, a fat mockery of the man he once was and reduced to being a Vegas lounge act. Always seemed to me that he had already left the building and his body was just waiting to retire the way his musical innovation had years before. Nirvana on the other hand was just beginning to find their voice and with Kurt's death they were silenced forever. Who knows what we're missing out on because of that shot gun blast but I can't help we didn't hear enough.
Now, before I wrap it up let me just add a rough things.
 I won't go into detail but being a neutral party with no emotional investment either way after reviewing the facts surrounding Kurt's death I'm convinced that bitch killed him so she could keep his millions and keep pretending to be the rock star her husband was and she'll never be.
 Greg's Top Ten Nirvana Songs
1. Come As You Are ~ Nevermind
2. Molly's Lips ~ Incesticide
3. Sliver ~ Incesticide
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nevermind
5. Heart Shaped Box ~ In Utero
6. All Apologies ~ In Utero
7. Been a Son ~ Incesticide
8.Lithium ~ Nevermind
9. Negative Creep ~ Bleach
10. In Bloom ~ Nevermind

Greg's Favorite Nirvana Album
Incesticide or Nevermind..too close to call.

And with that said..January is over and so is my time with Nirvana.

 Next; Polka!!!!


  1. Greg - Loved the Nirvana finale, especially the Elvis death analysis! LOL! I can't wait for Polka!

    I thought you would be pleased to know that I am on my way with the Greg challenge of reading a book recommendation a month. I ignored all the books you recommended and asked a client (who has similar book tastes as mine) what was the farthest book from her normal reading tastes that she loved. She recommended The Pillars of the Earth. It is 928 pages! Just what a busy mom of three has time for. I love it and am on page 267.

    Thanks for the challenge! Can't wait for Polka! NOT! :) Michele

  2. Good for you Michele!! 928 pages ? Yikes!~ That might count as two months!