Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Utero ~ The Last Supper

In Utero was Nirvana's last release and the first they made after becoming super stars. I have to imagine there was alot of pressure on the band to reproduce Nevermind but, much to the satisfaction of it's fan base, the band had other ideas. Instead of just rehashing what worked the last time they took the best of Nevermind melded it with thier punk roots. The catchy lyrics, sophisticated melodies and haunting voice of Kurt were still there but they were melded with the heavy industrial instrumental back-up last seen in Bleach. You might think the two different sounds would clash but thanks to the finesse of Kurt Cobain they actually complimented each other and brought the whole sound to a new, higher, level of maturity that was by all rights a sound of it's own and a third voice for the band.. On a note that's amusing but also sad this was the bands first release that Cobain didn't blatantly hate. In interviews he even said that for the first time he thought that Nirvana was begining to finaly find a sound that was really thiers and not dictated by fan expectation or record company pressure. It makes me wonder just what they would have come up with had Kurt set down that shot-gun and they had a chance to keep cutting albumns. The sheer diversity these three guys were capabale of is really astounding and it makes me think that the world missed out on some amazing music.


  1. Okay, so you're going to think I'm criticizing you, but since it's my birthday, you've got to take it. :) I love your blog - I love the idea, I love the passion you put behind it, and I love your willingness to learn. The way you talk about it with me is so moving. Sometimes when you post about different experiences it comes off a little cold. Put yourself into it, honey! We want to hear you, not just a critic. :)

  2. I'm getting there, I'm getting there. With this band in particular it's important to lay out the history of what they produced and what it meant to them so people who don't know anything about them can appreciate the end results.