Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bleach ~ The Best Time You'll Ever Have While Your Ears Are Bleeding!

   Bleach is Nirvana's first release and kind of flew under the radar until they made it big with Nevermind. There's a reason for that. Bleach is kind of..hmm..lets say rough. It isn't bad by any means but imagine getting walloped in the kisser with a sock full of nickles while someone is telling you that you just won 84 million dollars in the lottery. You're excited, this could change everything but at the same time a few teeth are loose and you might have a concussion. Listening to Bleach gives me the same feeling. The end result is gratifying but in a very rough and tumble, unpolished way. I suspect this was done on purpose to fit into the then blooming punk scene coming out of Seattle but while the recording studio may have been trying to get Kurt and the boys to fit in they ended up unintentionally giving birth to a whole new genre. Jesus had a manger in Bethlehem and Grunge was spawned in a dirty, smoke filled garage in Aberdeen, Washington. I remember growing up as a punk fan and watching bands like this play in garages and basements and to hear that again is kind of exciting and nostalgic. Not what I'd expect from the second coming of Elvis but cool all the same. The lyrics are a little light, when they are comprehensible at all and the chugga,chugga,chugga, chugga of the hard core guitar kind of steals the show from the vocals. For me when this album really shined brightest was when I had it on in the background as I came home from a bad day at work. I'm thinking of everything but Nirvana yet as I made my way home I found my head nodding with the bass and little by little my frustration and irritation seeping away. Nirvana has been noted for making angry music but maybe it's really soothing music for angry people, who knows.
As an amusing note Kurt Cobain hated this album because he thought it was too much like other stuff that was already out there.
Next up; Nevermind and the road to Oz.
Reader poll; Kurt Cobain was considered the voice of his generation...what artist or band would you consider the voice of your teenage years and why??

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  1. In my early teens it was Nirvana, then Radiohead. I liked tons of other bands/performers too - I wasn't a complete cliche - but those were the main ones for me.

  2. As a young teenager I was all about The Violent Femmes, then Those Melvins. As I progressed, I listened to more classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones) and then 'alternative' (The Cure, Depeche Mode). Mostly I was just chasing what was cool...