Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project Me?? Project You!!

Ok, bear with me for a second. Choose a number from 1 to 42. What? No, don't call me...I don't need to know the number yet...just write it on a post it or something and put it somewhere safe. All set? Good, we'll get back to that in a bit.
   Now in a few days I'll be posting my intentions for 2011 and what my new project entails and a few days after that we'll be into the new year and moving full speed ahead. Before we get there though lets talk about you. Yeah you heard me. If I can talk about myself for a year then the least I can do is give you the same opportunity. I encourage you to think about taking up a project of your own. I'll show you mine if you show me yours and we can even discuss ideas for potential projects right here. Hell, I can even do one better. You still have that number we talked about earlier tucked away somewhere? Good!! Take your number and find it on the chart below...

1Choose to learn a skill or ability that no one would expect from you.
2Take a Skill or ability you are good at and teach it to someone else.
3Every month for a year choose a book that has been on the NY Times best seller list and read and review it.
4Every month choose a year out of a hat and watch then review the movie that won the Best Picture Academy Award for that year.
5Every month choose a year out of a hat and read the book that won the Pulitzer Prize that year.
6Choose an Actor, Actress or Director that you know little about. Spend the year exploring their works. 
7Set up and host weekly Wii work shops at your local retirement home.
8Create a list of thought provoking questions. Each month interview a random person with those questions and share the results. 
9Create a Bucket List and try and get at least 3 things on it accomplished this year.
10Wikipedia has a random entry posted on it's home page  every day. Commit to reading them every day for the next year.
11Choose a different country each month for a year and learn to make a type of soup native to each area. Share your recipes, critiques and maybe have an international soup party at the end.
12Choose a TV show that you've never watched but have heard a lot about. Buy, borrow or rent each season and watch the whole thing to completion. Review and critique as you go.
13Choose to only use products made or produced in the US for one whole year. Share your experiences and challenges.
14Every week make a different kind of grilled cheese sandwich. See how many you can come up with. 
15Learn to play a sport or game you know nothing about.
16Create your own board or card game. Teach at least 3 other people to play it.
17Every month for a year invite someone  vastly different from you to dinner. Share your experiences, what you learned and how you chose your guests.
18Start a collection.
19Ask some one you love to teach you something you don't know. 
20For six months become a mentor to someone half your age. For the next six months become a companion of someone twice your age.
21Learn about a historical event only from people you can talk to personally and only from people who were alive when it happened. After a year see how much you know about the subject.
22Each month choose a different genre of books and read the most popular recommendation from each. (Choose stuff you wouldn't usually read like romance, graphic novels, cook books, etc)
23Learn something interesting from a stranger every day.
24Become a food critic. Create a web page and use it to post  your reviews of local restaurants.
25Every month choose a word and see how many different languages you can learn to say it in. 
26For one year only give gifts that you've made yourself by hand.
27Every month choose a style radically different from your own and compose a look/buy an outfit to fit you into that style. Go out on the town and experience the places your alternate identity would enjoy..
28Set your Netflix Queue to "random".
29Every month for a year ask a stranger what the last book they enjoyed was and read it.
30Even if you have no intention of going on it apply for a reality show. See how many you can get accepted on in a year. 
31Review a random blog every day and write a blog about it.
32Every day for a year learn a dirty joke and memorize it so you can retell it.
33During the next year learn about and celebrate at least four holidays not normally practiced in your country/area/region.
34Choose a natural disaster, serial killer or cataclysm and devote your year to learn everything you can about it until you’re a master on the topic.
35Design a class and then teach it at a local children's center.
36Choose something that you're bad at and become good at it.
37Choose your favorite holiday and host a party themed around it at a local homeless shelter
38Every week for a year choose a word or phrase and learn what it really means, what it's origins are and what it's usage was originally for.
39Pretend your back in school. Do a book report every month and post it on line to be "graded".
40Every month write a letter to a business critiquing or praising their products/services. The funnier the better but you can be serious if you want to!
41Learn a new dance every month for a year and make sure to go out and show off your new skills.
42Ask a 10 year old to tell you about their childhood and write a blog about what you learn. Every month interview someone 10 years older until you reach the oldest person you can find and learn about what being a kid was like for them.

Wallah!!! Instant project!!! And if the one you chose at random sucks then choose any one you want or make up a new one! I'm excited to see what you decide to do and would be really happy to be a part of it!!
So...tell me, tell me....what does the future hold for Project You??


  1. Okay, I got #19 - ask someone you love to teach you something you don't know - a particularly hard one for me. As many of you know, I'm difficult to teach, being a teacher and all. It's hard for me to admit what I don't know, but I'll think about it, Greg. Nice job on these choices - there's so many different ways this could go! You could change the world, superhero!

  2. Really... # 13. It's like you wrote that purposely for me...knowing damn well that would be the hardest. My to do all 42.. i think. =-)