Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Really, Never Heard of Them!!

The decision to choose Aerosmith as one of my 12 bands started, little to my knowledge, a few years ago while my wife and I were vegging on the couch and channel surfing. We ended up on a random movie channel in the middle of Armageddon. It was the scene where Ben Affleck was exploring his girl friends wild places with animal crackers. While I made lude, stupid jokes to that affect Mandy mentioned that the habitat in question was Steven Tyler's daughter."Ok" I say "So?..whose that??". I had went to middle school with a Tyler Stevens but that was the closest reference I had. It took a little while to convince my wife that I wasn't just fucking with her and I really didn't know who Steven Tyler was and while I had heard the name before couldn't name a single Aerosmith song. She thought I was a complete mutant but the episode of Project Runway we were waiting for finally came on and the matter slipped away not to be remembered until now.
  The next time I even thought about Tyler or his band was when he was announced as the next American idol judge. My presumption was, only bolstered by bthe fact that he was replacing Simon Cowel, was that he was going to be a stereo-typical rock and roll douche bag. Much to my surprise the show premiered and lo and behold he was actual a really nice guy with a genuine passion for music, respect for all around him and a wacky, gentle, unique presence. Antonio Banderas will always be my #1 but I think I developed a bit of a man crush.
So with both of those incidents under my belt adding Aerosmith to my list was a no brainer. I've been listening to them for a few weeks now and in my next post we 'll talk about how this month almost feels like cheating.